My focus is variations on themes and diversity.

I make large drawings using charcoal and pastel, limiting my practice, paring it down, exploring dry medium.

I source diverse images from photographs, film stills or tv and translate these into mainly large-scale drawings.

Translating from one media to another is a process which fascinates me, there will always be shifts, so much changes, there is always something new to discover, such as with variations on themes in music, or when the same play and actors perform a play repeatedly.

I tend to have multiple series ongoing at the same time, these contrasting and diverse subjects inspire me. I see the varying series that I work on as different threads of my practice, all are connected.

One of my series which I am working on is a series of Sakura, Cherry blossom drawings.

These drawings are inspired by the photographs of Tokihiro Sato who has kindly given me permission to work form his photographs.

My artworks are translations, I attempt to capture something from the original while imparting something new of my own.