What fascinates me is variations and diversity, both of subject and my approach to it. Sourcing diverse images from photography, film stills or tv, to make drawings using charcoal or pastel. Translating from one media to another is exciting, and alters the way an image is received. I often change the scale and sometimes the colour dramatically from the original image so that it is viewed in a new way.

Repetition fascinates me as no repetition is ever the same, there will always be shifts and that is what captivates me. Exploring difference through a series of drawings from the same found image, with each new drawing there is something new to discover, such as with variations on themes in music, or when the same play and actors perform a play repeatedly.

It is a very physical process to work with either sticks of charcoal or pastel on a large scale, especially when the paper is larger than myself, which it often is. 

Making a mark when the tool is the medium that is applied  to the paper, is direct and there is an intimacy between the artist and the medium, as the piece of charcoal or pastel you are holding forms the very substance that gets applied to the paper. 

My drawings are translations, I attempt to capture something from the original while imparting something new of my own.